My 40th Birthday
21 September 2017

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No Wanking. Wank Tax enforced by Mistress Eleanor

A "No Wanking" policy is currently in force to all slaves, subs, sissies, sluts and all you other useless objects. The "No Wanking" rule should be observed between the hours of
00:00 on Thursday until 23:59 on Tuesday.
Every Wednesday is Wank Day.
Mistress Eleanor will grant 10 of you permission to masturbate once, every week on Wank Day. 
The rest of you will either have to pay the Wank Tax, or apply again next week.
Applicants will be required to perform a small task to receive their wanking rights. Offer your services to Me in your application, or I will give you a task to perform.
Wank Tax of £10 is payable to anyone with their hands in their pants without permission.
Wank Tax should be paid as soon after you have disgraced yourself as you can, but no later than the Wednesday following the day you got your fingers sticky.
No exceptions!

Serial masturbators. Ween yourself off your excessive masturbation. Be humiliated out of it. I will make sure that you feel so bad about touching your tiny peepee, you will want to vomit at the thought.
Apply for your masturbation schedule now. your schedule will last for one month only. After that time, Wank Tax come into force, so you better learn fast, you useless wanker.

My contact form is in the top menu.


Stop begging to be My slave. Do not email Me with nonsense. I will not respond to anyone wasting My time. 
Serious applications from serious potential slaves only.
 I will respond to your application with details of how to send Me a tribute for your training and a questionnaire.
If you are simply wasting My time you will be ignored.
Training will only be given after I have received My tribute and the requested information.
basic slave contracts are £40 per calendar month or £400 per year.
Contracts relating to online slave training cover the period corresponding to your contract fees.

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