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21 September 2017

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Distance Training - enrol

Sign up to My online distance training to receive your weekly lessons, tasks and homework. Learn new skills, be totally humiliated, improve yourself, become a better slave. Work towards graduating. Receive your certificate of qualification and become a fully collared slave with a lifetime contract.
Enrol for a month as a taster, if you are too pathetic to commit for a whole year. Improve your submission to Me month by month. Or enrol to complete a whole year of training

Below is an example of a complete task.
See My blog for more tasks. Click the images to go to My blog.

Take a roll of sticky tape, and stick it around your flaccid penis as tight as you can wrap it. Wrap it fully up and down the length, and underneath your testicles. Keep wrapping, and wrapping, all the way around until the tape runs out.

Once fully taped, take a photo of it and send it to Me via email. Keep the tape in place for no less than 60 minutes. Set an alarm if it will help. you may dress over the top if necessary.

Send Me another photo to My email when you have been wrapped for the full 60 minutes. 

Send Me a 3rd email when you have unwrapped, and describe the physical and mental feeling of the release. Use as many or as few words as it takes for this description.

Do not masturbate or stimulate yourself in any other way.
I do not need a picture of your unwrapped penis.

cock and ball tortured and taped

taped up cock & balls

taped up cock & balls

taped up penis

CBT and Bondage

sticky sellotaped penis

sticky sellotaped purple helmet

CBT and Bondage

CBT and Bondage

CBT and Bondage

CBT and Bondage

CBT and Bondage

CBT and Bondage

Complete this task, and send the results to Show your complete submission to Me from the beginning.

Here are some examples of task titles, task types

Line Writing Forced Feminisation Humiliation Orgasm Control
Bondage Time Discipline Reading Tasks Written Assignments
Handwriting Practice Domestic Chores Masturbation Schedules Gift Requests
Shopping Tasks Worship your Mistress Schedules to Follow Corporal Punishment

you can send Me $40 cash via Gift Rocket to email address
or email Me for My other payment options for your training



Stop begging to be My slave. Do not email Me with nonsense. I will not respond to anyone wasting My time. 
Serious applications from serious potential slaves only.
 I will respond to your application with details of how to send Me a tribute for your training and a questionnaire.
If you are simply wasting My time you will be ignored.
Training will only be given after I have received My tribute and the requested information.
basic slave contracts are £40 per calendar month or £400 per year.
Contracts relating to online slave training cover the period corresponding to your contract fees.

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