My 40th Birthday
21 September 2017

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Here are some of My slaves' photos.
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kinky panty slave
I have lots of photos of this loser showing Me what a tiny little maggot he has got, that it is so small he is only fit to wear girls' knickers lol.
Not all subs will stick around for long term humiliation, this pathetic specimen crawled back under the rock he came from when he couldn't take it anymore. Hha!
first manicure and pedicure feminised male sub
Another worthless cunt, full of bullshit and empty promises. you think you know what you want, and what you think is you want to be owned by Me, have Me take complete control of your life. What you are doing wrong there, is thinking too much. Leave the thinking to Me, dumbfuck, you just do as you're told and I will decide how disposable you are.

pathetic pegged penis gets sticky
your pain is My pleasure. Nothing amuses Me more than pushing the limits of all My slaves.
"my pain is unimportant, when you laugh at me i'm happy. You are a creative sadist Mistress. i beg You Mistress, do not punish me."

lace panties pindick
"i am honoured to be your panty toy.
Knowing that you are amused at the sight of my tiny maggot makes me feel humiliated, that i am a lowly slave to my majestic Owner.
i feel both honoured and humiliated when told to post my pics on twitter, but i know obedience to you, my Mistress, comes first."

humiliation bagged and tied penis in ladies panties

his cock and balls tied up inside a bag for his own good.
If only he had the discipline to just keep his hands off it.

sissy pedicure practice
Pedicure practice as part of sissy slave training online. Also included as part of distance training, forced feminisation, forced cross dressing & humiliation assignments during training.

extreme anal insertions during anal training
Extreme anal insertions for My slaves during training. Hooded, masked and branded with his Owner's Name, he kneels in submission for Mistress Eleanor

taking the whole bottle of aftershave in his anus
What's that you say stinky arse? you want to be the best you can be for your Mistress. Well, for that smelly hole you are going to need the whole bottle of aftershave!

humiliated panty slave
Forced panty wearing, secret or private humiliation
and secret sissy slut training

chastity cage & lace topped stockings sissy slut
Orgasm denial, chastity training, orgasm control
& masturbation schedules.

Adrien Guénard
slaves humiliated for Mistress Eleanor's pleasure.

domestic sissy maid training
Domestic discipline, chores,
sissy maid training & cross dressing

cross dressing slave kneeling in bondage
On your knees and beg to be My slave.
Wear your wife's underwear & crawl at My heels.

slut in chastity
Time spent in chastity for your Mistress.
That will teach you to think with your dick.
Now, concentrate on Me.

toilet humiliation
Toilet humiliation for this slut.
If only the earlier cleaning task was completed more carefully.


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Serious applications from serious potential slaves only.
 I will respond to your application with details of how to send Me a tribute for your training and a questionnaire.
If you are simply wasting My time you will be ignored.
Training will only be given after I have received My tribute and the requested information.
basic slave contracts are £40 per calendar month or £400 per year.
Contracts relating to online slave training cover the period corresponding to your contract fees.

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