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21 September 2017

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Financial Domination & money slavery

I first discovered I could manipulate a slave via his finances by accident. I had heard of FinDoms while surfing the internet, and as a Mistress and Domme to many submissives, slaves and sissy girls over the years, I was unimpressed with the concept of the fetish. I did not understand the power and control that could be gained from it. But then when it happened entirely by accident, the whole meaning of it clicked into place. I had seen a few money slavery, or "pay pig" websites, but there seemed to be none that required any skill from the Dominant Female, often She was just demanding money from all readers of her website. I was certainly not impressed by any of the websites that I had seen.

While I was exploring Distance Domination via email some time ago, some pathetic loser signed up for My online training course. I set the first two tasks, which were completed correctly. I set the third task, and he simply ignored the email. I issued his punishment, and he ignored that. I questioned his reasons for ignoring My email, and he ignored that too. I told him that if he did not pay a fine of £100 within 7 days, I would release his task photos on the internet. The next day, he paid Me £100. I told him that this was not a buyout, and that he still had tasks 3-7 to complete, 5 assignments short of his contracted 7. he was instructed to complete the third slave training task within 7 days, or pay a further £100. This continued until his 30 day contract ended.

he has signed up for My training and followed this pattern 8 times. The ransom amounts and deadlines differ, but he pays up on time, even when I demand My money quickly, so his information and photos remain safe.


There are 2 main ways to enslave a submissive financially.

The first way is via a written contract, where the slave agrees to pay an amount of money at regular intervals for an agreed amount of time. The punishment for failure to comply is also written into the contract. This can be a physical punishment or, more typically, a cash forfeit. These amounts may be pre agreed or not.
In return, I will be good to My slave, and allow him to Worship Me as agreed in the contract.

The second way has a blackmail element. Money will be paid to the Financial Mistress as agreed in the contract. This may or may not be at regular intervals, and may just be any amount demanded by the Mistress at any time. The Mistress will hold photos or information, or both, from the slave. The slave must do as he is commanded within a time limit to keep his photos/information safe.
In return, I promise to keep the information completely secret and safe, as long as all of My demands are met.

I am highly experienced in Financial Domination. This is a personal fetish and you will be enslaved via email as well as via this website.

Here are the levels of money slavery available via this website.

Option 1:
A 12 month commitment to pay Me a weekly or monthly tribute of £25, £50, or £100

Option 2:
A 12 month commitment to pay Me 25%, 50% or 75% of your income

Option 3:
A 12 month commitment to pay one of My monthly bills - £30-£500. Request a list of My current outstanding bills and instructions how to pay with your application.

Option 4:
A 12 month blackmail contract

I will consider personalised financial slavery contracts.
Click here to email details to include in your contract and to send Me your details.
A tribute of £50 is required for consideration of your contract.
A further tribute is required when your contract is written.

you can send Me cash via Gift Rocket to email address
or email Me for My other payment options


Stop begging to be My slave. Do not email Me with nonsense. I will not respond to anyone wasting My time. 
Serious applications from serious potential slaves only.
 I will respond to your application with details of how to send Me a tribute for your training and a questionnaire.
If you are simply wasting My time you will be ignored.
Training will only be given after I have received My tribute and the requested information.
basic slave contracts are £40 per calendar month or £400 per year.
Contracts relating to online slave training cover the period corresponding to your contract fees.

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